Ecological holidays in France

What is ecological?

Ecological is living a conscious life which respectfully engages with animals and nature. Another translation for ecological could also be a friendly environment, since everything is done to prevent pollution or environmental contamination.

The difference between ecology and biological

Ecology is often compared with biological (or organic). These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are generally really equal. The eco-label is placed on packages of organic products for a reason.

Ecological holidays in France

We would like to highlight the subject ecological and sustainability on Chambres d’Hotes Guide. We believe that it is important to deal respectfully with nature.

We have asked all of the owners of chambres d’hotes, gites and petit-hotels on Chambres d’Hotes Guide to see what they do to reduce their ecological footprint. We have asked the following specifications to the owners:

  • Where do the most of the vegetables for the guests come from?
  • What is the majority of supermarket products for the guests?
  • What kind of meat is served to guests during the meal?
  • Where do the eggs come from for the guests?
  • Where does the energy come from?
  • How is the lighting arranged in and around the accommodation?
  • How is water heated?
  • How are the toilets get flushed?
  • How is the pool filled?
  • How is the pool cleaned?
  • Are water limiters used in the accommodation?
  • How to deal with wastewater?
  • How to deal with waste?
  • What cleaning products are used?
  • How and with which products are the towels and sheets get washed?

Final: Vacances écologique label

Based on the above questions the score is calculated and there will be a score assigned for the vacances écologique label. The height of the grade determines how environmentally efficient the chambres d’hotes, gites or petit hotel is.

Vacances écologique is a dynamic standard. When there are more opportunities to live on an environmentally friendly way, we will update our current standards to modern standards.

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